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Sports Illustrated
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Sports Illustrated
losse nummers
magazine Sports Illustrated
11 meningen
Sports Illustrated
Een jaar (27 nrs) voor €199,95
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Sports Illustrated is zonder twijfel het bekendste en meest toonaangevende sportblad ter wereld. Elke week raakt SI het hart en de ziel van de Amerikaanse sport met o.a. spectaculaire actiefoto's en diepgaande interviews met de spelers zelf. Een must voor elke sportliefhebber.

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    Sports Illustrated: Beoordelingen en meningen

    (Klik hier voor het aanvragen van Sports Illustrated)

    Very reliable delivery. A good magazine that covers all the big US professional and college sports well.
    Damian op 09-06-2018
    Needs to be delivered sooner as many stories past the news date.
    Roy F op 21-08-2017
    Love the magazine but too much emphasis on the NFL.
    Tytte op 20-12-2016
    Really like to read the magazine during the NFL season the rest of the year i don't care to much about it but it has always some interesting articles about other sportspeople
    jan op 01-11-2016
    Quite a good sports magazine, very well rounded. The only issue we had was delayed delivery so that where results and outcomes of games were concerned the news was often already out of date. I did enjoy the articles.
    Steven op 01-10-2016
    The mag is great, just the delivery, in my case to Swizerland, is miserable, huge delays, three issues in one delivery etc. I am really angry about the delivery because I paid the option for fast delivery. Do not pay for it, it is a rip-off. Once again, great and excellent mag put down by poor delivery.
    Nicolas op 15-05-2016
    Look forward to receiving each week. Issue delivery is prompt
    Miles op 07-05-2016
    Great magazine, fantastic articles. If you are interested in American Sports, it's a must read.
    Stephen op 11-03-2016
    Brilliant magazine. In depth articles, regular deliveries. Perfect for those who love American sports.
    Dean Parsons, UK op 09-03-2016
    For anyone interested in US sports there is no better magazine than SI. Great read every time and a subscription just makes things so much simpler. Great delivery from Global.
    Donald op 08-01-2016
    recommend si. like baseball articles. magazines come fairly regular. vry good
    alexander op 18-08-2015
    I really need it and I really enjoy it every time. I am too far away from American sports and i will always prefer a REAL magazine to news on web. SI is my lifeline...
    Torsten, Denmark op 22-05-2015
    I am always looking forward to the next issue (content rated at 9)! however, the delivery is irregular and often late (rated at 5). Good thing is that the content is more background stories and therefore not easily outdated.
    Marc op 17-04-2015
    S.I. is a great read for anyone interested in US sports and shouldn't be missed. Regular subscription is the best way to go and I have been very pleased with the delivery and regularity as well.
    Donald op 20-03-2015
    Order placed in Japan, I could receive the magazine exactly I want with good condition, reasonable price. Trustable.
    Saeko op 22-08-2014
    Great magazine, regular delivery from the states
    Milo op 04-02-2014
    Super magazin, en de levering ging ook super fijn. Netjes in de brievenbus zonder beschadiging uzw.
    Erik Reuterink op 12-12-2013
    My great love is baseball. I first saw SI when I was on a teacher exchange in North Dakota in 1985/6 and have taken it ever since. I love the baseball preview and am not so keen on basketball and football - I must be highly unusual!! I accept that all sports must have their spot in the sun!! Great articles, could do with more book reviews and excerpts. The Francona excerpt was very good and I bought the book at Spring Training. Delivery is fine 'hot off the press'.
    David Bryans op 15-11-2013
    Love the magazine. It is the sports Bible. Gives me constant information on all US sports and keeps me updated like I am in the US and not back in Australia.
    Great subscription costs with a reliable and efficient delivery of the magazine.
    I could not be happier.
    Cameron op 21-10-2013
    The magazine has been around for ages, and deservedly so. The writing is spotless, the pictures always at the forefront of sports photography. Excellent and well researched background stories are in good balance with current themes. My experience though is that the delivery of SI is better when ordered directly with SI through their subscription department, rather than through Global Magazines.
    Marianne, Switzerland op 20-09-2013
    Great well written US magazine with stories and sports largely overlooked in the UK.

    Global Magazines are the best price wise .
    BarryK op 12-07-2013
    outstanding sports journalism......not afraid to confront social issues.....racism /DUI driving by NFL stars/ gay basketball players/.....also great sports photography....its my gateway to American Sports
    david grundy op 06-07-2013
    STEPHEN op 17-05-2013
    Best sports magazine !
    Ben Richards op 15-09-2012
    Iconic sports magazine. Global leader in sports news, human interest & award winning photography
    Peter Meijers op 29-06-2012
    Fantastic magazine. Excellent delivery in The Netherlands.
    Paul op 26-06-2012
    Love the magazine, especially sections relating to college football and basketball. Also love the human interest stories. Have a great New Year.
    ThePainter op 10-05-2012
    Its a great weekly magazine for US sports in general. It mixes in depth articles with fluff. I buy it mainly for NFL College football but will read the basketball also (baseball not my thing). The price is very good compared to others out there.
    Brian op 10-05-2012
    If you're interested in American Sports, this is one of the best magazines around. The photography is incredible, but most of the stories as well. They go in depth and give real insight.
    HugoBozz op 11-11-2011
    Baseball is my number one sports in the US. The story on Bryce Harper a few weeks ago was very balenced
    Tom op 24-09-2011
    Very good magazine when you are interested in American sports.
    Philip op 12-08-2011
    The magazine is very readable and contains all the sports of interest, as well as some aditional ones. I believe that this is the best way to receive this magazine, there is no alternative that has a apropriate price.
    Patrick op 07-07-2011
    With Global Magazines I found a great source to receive SI. Sports Illustrated is my link to US-sports. I can truly recommend the magazine.
    Philipp, Germany op 07-07-2011
    Great during the Baseball season !
    Peter op 25-03-2011
    Being a big fan of American sports (and sports on general) I find SI to be very informative, insightful, up to date and a great read. Love the fact that SI is issued weekly, which gives me the fix I need on a regular basis.
    David op 18-07-2010
    I am familiar with the magazine and its website and enjoy the publication very much.
    Barry op 08-02-2010
    This is the magazine you should buy if you're interested in American sports or sports in general!!
    Tonny op 20-02-2007

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