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12 nummers van "Garden Rail"

Garden Rail is the only British magazine covering all aspects of outdoor model railways, and the only related magazine worldwide, that publishers monthly. The magazine provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview, not only of the developments within this fast-growing hobby, but also the seasonal joys of the garden.

More and more people are recognizing that building an outdoor model railway is one of the most satisfying and diverse hobbies possible to find. A small-scale railway in a pleasing garden setting can be an activity involving all the family, as well as a joy to contemplate.

The sight provides sheer delight; sound and smell of a real steam locomotive hauling a train through the rockery, perhaps under radio control, or a train running at night with lights in the coaches, gliding to a halt at a bucolic station platform. How about an American diesel locomotive, (complete with sound unit) working hard against grade at the head of a long freight – or maybe a coal fired garden scale locomotive provided the evocative smells as well as the sight and sound of steam motive power (yes, this is possible and perfectly functional on the 32mm or 45mm gauge tracks).

Garden Rail magazine is aimed at established ‘converts’ to the hobby, as well as those yet to desert their indoor layouts and discover the real potential of large-scale modeling in an outdoor setting.

Garden Rail

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